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Nutrition 101 eBook

Skip the fad diets and all the misleading and contradictory advice, and keep healthy eating simple by delving into our free Nutrition 101 ebook. It’s short, informative, and the perfect guide on understanding why some foods cause disease and slowly kill you, and why others heal you. And most importantly, you’ll learn how to tell the difference, empowering you to develop a healthy dietary lifestyle you’ll WANT to stick with.


Optimal Clinic Success Kit

We’ve compiled a list of information and tools that, since 1990, have evolved and changed with the times to help clinics launch successfully and stand the test of time. Our tools can help doctors maximize patient healing and quality of life and build a financially thriving clinic without burning out. We focus on nutrition protocols, building off of Dr. Brimhall’s Six Steps to Wellness.

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Optimal Health Insider

This blog represents a compilation of the latest research on all things health and nutrition. It offers a peek into why ingredients are present in our products, why certain ones are not, and how all these pure, potent nutrients promote optimal health. They are written for both doctors and patients–backed by research but presented in a way so everyone can understand.

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