A passionate, committed person along with a mastermind team of other formulators, doctors, organic chemists, Ph.D’s, trainers, and any other expert in the health arena.

Optimal Health Systems (OHS) is this superstar team that researches, formulates and creates systems that help ease disease and promote the ability to achieve optimal health. We are a holistic health company, one of the few long-established whole food supplement companies that have not sold out to large pharmaceutical conglomerates. We base all of our formulas on proven scientific research that obey the laws of nature.

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Our Mission

Douglas D. Grant

Founder, Formulator

Douglas has been a team nutritionist for many NBA teams and professional athletes for over 20 years. He founded Optimal Health Systems, and formulates programs and therapeutic products for thousands of doctors around the world. He aims to help nutritionally support disease treatment and prevention, and bring back optimal health.

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Our Programs

We are a company that promotes multiple aspects of health. We develop and sell nutritional programs in booklet and video form. 

We have Edumails and Special Health Reports containing up-to-date research and information that explains how you can change a few habits and food choices to improve your health dramatically. We promote proven exercise programs. We sell only the highest grade of whole food nutrients proven by research to help nutritionally support the body—and we help you determine the amounts you need.


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